FS.ART, Bodensee

Solo Show Jay Gard

Opening: 24.11.2023, 7 pm 
Exhibition: 24.11.2023 - 20.012.2023 | 08.01.2024 - 03.02.2024
Artist talk: 18.01.2024, 7 pm 

Opening hours: Saturday 11:00 to 14:00 or by prior arrangement at +49-030-44356657 or kontakt@fs-art.de

Jay Gard's debut exhibition Ornaments from Earth at Lake Constance provides an in-depth insight into his extensive artistic oeuvre, which ranges from spatial installations and paintings to sculptural works.  

The exhibition, entitled Ornaments from Earth, is dedicated entirely to the theme of forms and its manners of expression. Jay Gard subtly explores the essence of natural and artificial structures, deconstructing and reconstructing, transforming and filtering them, resulting in a fascinating and poignant aesthetic. 

His artistic practice builds a bridge between the handcrafted perfection of industrial manufacturing processes and the beauty of imperfection. Inspired by artisanal knowledge of techniques and forms from different stylistic periods, Gard brings these traditions into a contemporary perspective. For example, his Baroque Wallpaper series is a virtuoso interpretation of formal quotations from the Baroque period. The sculptural elements are arranged in a musical impression to form a complex composition that is held together by the sensitive balance of organic and strict forms. The interplay between a playful language of color and form and a geometric rationality runs through Gard's work and opens up a multi-layered dialogue between two- and three-dimensional design principles in the Billboard series. In the perspectival sophistication of a complex pattern-shadow system, the forms emerge self-confidently from the picture ground, whereby a formal rigor is always given a loosening up. Just as Gard creates patterns, he breaks with them at the same moment, which lends the works a humorous lightness.

Gard blurs the genre definitions of art and design, painting and sculpture in a synergetic and organic way and uses their potential to create an ornamentation that has its inspirational roots in antiquity, the Rococo or the Bauhaus.

Jay Gard opens up a contemporary perspective on the baroque cultural heritage of the region of the Constance Lake. His works enter into a multi-layered dialog with e.g. the Tettnang New Palace or the Upper Swabian Baroque Route. Both cultural-historical initiatives stand for the local significance of the style epoch and are presented in a new light in Gards artistic reflection. 

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus, Jay Gard was honored with a scholarship. His works are represented in national and international collections, including the Bauhaus Foundation, the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden and numerous private collections. In addition to his worldwide exhibitions in public and private institutions, Gard has realized a large number of works in public spaces. As part of the European Capital of Culture 2025 Chemnitz, Jay Gard's artistic design for a work in public space was selected for realization.

On January 18, 2024 at 7 pm, we cordially invite you to the publication of the special issue Unikat 17 of Art Kunstmagazin dedicated to Jay Gard as well as to an artist talk followed by a drink.