The exhibition Cinema Paradiso by Frank Ahlgrimm refers to the film by Guiseppe Tornatore from 1988. (Original title Nuovo Cinema Paradiso). A film director returns to his Sicilian hometown after more than 30 years on the occasion of the death of an old projectionist. Memories of the time in which the young protagonist was allowed to help the blinded presenter to insert the film rolls are staged cinematically. The old cinema has long been demolished, but his fatherly friend leaves a film roll of juxtaposed kiss scenes behind, which he had to cut out over the years at the behest of the village pastor from the films he performed.

To claim that there is a direct connection between the Oscar-winning film and the works of Frank Ahlgrimm would be just as absurd as it is explicitly wrong. Nevertheless, Ahlgrimm shows through the allusion to the film parallels to his basic approach.