FS.ART, Berlin

Curator's Choice III: Kirstin Arndt and Katrin Bremermann

Opening: 26.04.2024 
Exhibition: 26.04.2024 - 07.06.2024
by appointment kontakt@fs-art.de or +49 30 44356657

The Curator's Choice series celebrates its third edition at this year's Gallery Weekend 2024 and is dedicated to a double exhibition by the artists Kirstin Arndt and Katrin Bremermann. Both positions deal with the potential of painting and material per se and their interaction with space. The rooms of FS.ART at Potsdamer Straße 102 will once again be the setting for two strong artistic positions in concrete art that complement each other symbiotically. 

Kirstin Arndt's artistic practice focuses on the experimental use of form and material in space. Based on various basic geometric forms, the artist develops her installative works, which usually stand out physically three-dimensionally or in relief from their surroundings. She works sometimes with organic, sometimes with geometric forms and uses her materials, such as truck tarpaulins or stainless steel plates, according to their respective properties. Sometimes organic in their folds, sometimes focused graphically, the works occupy the surrounding space.
In order to explore different positions in space with the same basic form in different sizes and colors, the artist works in series or with modules that can take on different shapes and sizes depending on the spatial situation. The works result from the stringency of the concept and the construction of the respective work and not primarily from an aesthetic design intention. Repetition is both the method and the driving force behind the constant further development of this artistic research into space and material.

“Simplicity Is Complexity Resolved” - This statement can be described as Katrin Bremermann's fundamental concept. The pursuit of a seemingly simple formal solution follows the idea of exploring and balancing form, color and material in their reciprocal essentiality. Bremermann's works unfold in this boundless space of possibilities between surface and object, shadow and light, volume and material. This exploration of the elements results in works of art that develop a strong spatial presence in rich colors, natural canvases without shying away from slants and shifts. Bremermann breaks with compositional norms and remains entirely within her own language of form and color.  


Kirstin Arndt (*1961 in Otterndorf, lives and works in Düsseldorf)
Studied at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe (1991 - 97), master student, diploma; since 2006 professor at the Hochschule Mainz. Artist in residence in France, Spain, Ireland and elsewhere; projects with architects and designers. Numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

Katrin Bremermann (*1965 in Bremen, lives and works in Berlin, Lucq de Bearn)
Extensive international and national exhibitions in galleries and institutions, including the Goethe-Institut Paris and the Berliner Kunstverein. Scholarship holder of the Triangle Association, New York (US).