FS.ART Showroom, Berlin and Bodensee

The showrooms in Berlin and Lake Constance have reopened. Please visit us by appointment.

In Tettnang we are currently showing a preview with works from our upcoming Berlin exhibition.
Please visit us after making an appointment at +49 30 44356657 or kontakt@fs-art.de. We are looking forward to seeing you!


FS.ART Showroom, Bodensee

Terry Haggerty

from October 12th 2019 to November 23th 2019

FS.ART Showroom, Bodensee

Summer Exhibition

with Frank Ahlgrimm, Wolfgang Flad, Joachim Grommek, Klaus-Martin Treder, Gerold Miller 
and Jens Wolf

FS.ART Showroom, Berlin

Frank Ahlgrimm

from April 26th 2019 to July 26th 2019

FS.ART Showroom, Bodensee

Gerold Miller

from March 25th 2019 to May 25th 2019

FS.ART Showroom, Berlin

where are we now

Lothar Hempel, Gregor Hildebrandt, Bernhard Martin
and Gerold Miller 
curated by Friederike Nymphius

from April 26th 2018 to July 8th 2018

FS.ART Showroom, Berlin

Hannes Plank

an Austrian painter and collector.
From November 28th 2017 to January 26th 2018

FS.ART Showroom, Berlin

herman de vries / from zero to zero

from May 2nd 2017 to June 30th 2017

FS.ART temporary showroom, Goetheplatz 8, 88214 Ravensburg


from March 31th 2017 to April 18th 2017

FS.ART temporary showroom, Ravensburg

RV#01, Wolfgang Flad und Caroline Kryzecki

from November 14th 2015 to November 21st 2015

FS.ART Showroom, Berlin

Joachim Grommek 2012

from November 17th 2012 to January 25th 2013

FS.ART Showroom, Berlin

Conrad Jon Godly: MASSIV

from October 04th 2011 to December 16th 2011

FS.ART Showroom, Berlin

Frank Ahlgrimm: Social Jetlag

from September 03rd 2010 to October 10th 2010 

FS.ART Showroom, Berlin

Sabine Groß: DRAMA

from April 24th 2010 to June 02nd 2010

FS.ART Showroom, Berlin

on paper

from November 28th 2009 to February 26th 2010

FS.ART temporary showroom, 19 Weymouth Street, W1G7BQ London

The morning never dies

from June 30th 2009 to July 31st 2009

FS.ART Showroom, Berlin

Sven Drühl: Undead

from September 22nd 2007 to November 30th 2007

FS.ART Showroom, Berlin

Klaus-Martin Treder: He said

from December 04th 2006 to January 26th 2007